New Blog, New Year, New Opportunities!

Well, it's 2013! Happy New Year!!! The world didn't explode and now we have to find something else to obsess about since the whole Y2K and 2012 doomsday predictions failed! hahahaha I never believe either one anyway. BUT, I do have something new things to think about this month. First, this blog (and hopefully in the future, website). I've never kept a blog before and it's almost a foreign language to me at this point but I wanna give it a go and see what happens!

Second, my favorite thing to make, my Chainmaille Dragons, are entered in a contest at Blue Buddha Boutique!! WooHoo!! This all started back in June 2012 for me. See, every month Blue Buddha holds a contest where people can submit their chainmaille art for a chance to win a $25 gift certificate. Every month a new theme or weave is chosen and anyone with the desire may enter. Junes themes was Color so I entered my Dragons. Here is the entry:

Chainmaille Dragons

The staff at Blue Buddha Boutique selects the top applicants for the month and then it gets posted on their Blog. Finally, the public votes their favorite and then Blue Buddha announces the winner. Well, I won that month! WooHoo! Super Excited! It was actually the first contest I have ever entered with my chainmaille. In addition, they take all the monthly winners from 2012 and put them into one contest for their Mailler of the Year 2012 title. So, it's time for the voting again!! So, if anyone who reads this feels so inclined click on the vote button and cast your vote!! Every person is able to cast one vote per computer, this includes tablets and smart phones! So, grab your devices and have some fun! Finally, this month I auditioned to become the conductor at a local community orchestra and I found out yesterday that I was selected! So, it's already been an interesting month and I hope the rest of the year continues to go well!

So, that's it. My first entry into this blog. I hope to get better as time goes on and I plan to continuously add interesting information about the world of chainmaille! Once again Happy New Year!